Located in Toronto’s fashion district, tucked in between Portland and Bathurst Street you will find the new home of the luxury fashion line, Ghostlabel!
The relatively new brand is quickly expanding both its product line and customer base. Taking a daring contemporary angle on classic silhouettes, promoting individuality and self-expression through luxe fashion. The company’s futuristic logo is set to become a symbol of originality and no-conformity.
Ghostlabel initially gained its footing in Toronto’s fashion scene by making customized outerwear for a niche market. We have now expanded into edgy seasonal apparel, footwear and accessories. Even though the brand has expanded into ready to wear items our creator is still committed to giving unique custom designed pieces to any client. Consultations for modification and design concepts can still be set up by a phone call or a quick trip to the location.
GhostLabel is not only guaranteeing you originality but also the pride of knowing that you had an input in what you wear when you present your personality to the world. As a matter of fact one of the company’s tag lines is “custom clothing to materialize your individuality”.  Can’t find exactly what you want in the online store? The brand’s designer will enthusiastically work with you from product conception and design to finishing accents.
The GhostLabel collection exhibits noticeably vibrant colours that are attention grabbing on purpose. It is the creator’s intention to move away from the current trends of minimalism and demure colour palette. The brands aesthetic is for the bold. The fashion forward individual who wants to be noticed, who wants to stand out in a room. And that is exactly what you will do in any of Ghostlabel’s voluminous furs, bold prints and vivacious colour combinations.
The brand is loud and its pieces ooze originality. Even more passion is put into the craftsmanship of each piece. Ghostlabel is committed to using only the finest furs, leathers and fabrics. The creator’s years in various sectors of the fashion industry are evident in his attention to detail as well as his visionary and confident aesthetic. He designs for those who like displays of luxury and are not put off by the attention, admiration and envy that wearing a Ghostlabel piece will get you.
The label is available online and at its only existing location in Toronto at 594 Richmond St West.